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List of APOSHO Associate Members

Revised on January 25, 2018

2 Associate Members



Public Works Department (PWD),
Ministry of Development (MOD)
Year of establishment: 1906
Address: Health Safety and Environment Section, Public Works Department, Ministry of Development, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam BB3510
Email: hse@pwd.gov.bn, amir.abdulrahman@pwd.gov.bn and azman.badarudin@pwd.gov.bn
Tel/Fax: (673)-2381033 / 2382203 (Tel) / 2381541 / 2383019 (Fax)
Mr. Awg Haji Amir Azman POKPS DS Hj Abd Rahman, Director of Administration and Finance, Public Works Department, Ministry of Development, Brunei
Designated Contact Person: Pg Azman Pg Badarudin, Head of Health, Safety and Environment, Public Works Department, Ministry of Development, Brunei, email: azman.badarudin@pwd.gov.bn

Labour Affairs Bureau, Macao SAR, PR China
Address: Av. Dr. Francisco Vieira Machado, Nos. 221-279, Edif. Advance Plaza, Macau.
Year of Establishment: 1984
Tel: (853)-83999187 or (853)-83999462
Fax: (853)-28550477 or (853)-28529799
Email: dsalinfo@dsal.gov.mo or dsaldsso@dsal.gov.mo
Website: www.dsal.gov.mo
Director: Mr. WONG Chi Hong (853 83999187)
Contact Person: Ms. Sarah Li (853 83999462)

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